How do I join?

How do I participate in the drama?

-Just join the conversation on @etherealnovella.

Follow, be followed and tweet your heart out!


send every tweet to your recipient @XY and @etherealnovella, so we can collect a continuous feed.

You may also add #etherealdada if you like

If you wish to receive an exclusive, anonymised twitter account from us, you need to pick an alter-ego, either from our list of suggestions, or you can convince us of another cool personality, person, or fictional character.

eMail your selection to the w3rkhof nerds at  

Ask for communications on whisper app signal for complete anonymity if you wish.

We then setup your twitter account and give you the credentials to your account so that you can start getting creative by adding an avatar and profile photo, followers and peeps to follow etc..

you may add the #etherealdada as well, or any other tag you want to generate.

Have fun!!