The twitter online drama lasts from Friday Midnight (Zürich Time) as part of the dada-data.net  hackathon. How often each of the (anonymous) actors tweet is entirely up to them. We encourage the actors to install Twitter on their phones so that they are able to stay in the game whilst on the move. We are purposefully looking for people in varying time zones so as to keep the conversation(s) going. We also have nothing against actors to continue to exercise their alter-egos beyond the weekend of March 5th.
The drama is unfolding across the Tweet-o-sphere… Who will read it? (we hope many varied individuals). We are striving to ensure that the actors who volunteer will be aware of one another’s eTheReal handles and generate discourse amongst each other. The (main) talking points being WAR, global politics and economics, anarchy, and well… DaDa!
The idea is to create public discourse by anonymously impersonating contemporary popular or political figures. Whether the discourse is outrageous or provocative or benign and gentile is entirely up to the actor: we hope that the temperament of the actors alter-ego matches well with the character they are playing.
We are creating twitter accounts and handing them out to our volunteers. We create the accounts using our etherealdada.ch server, so that all of the actors can participate anonymously.


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