W3rkH0f media arts and the Witt Research group of the N.I.T. are currently casting for

eTheReal Novella
An online drama with Twitter as the stage.
Actors take the form of Twitter accounts.  A handful of pre-conceived twitter accounts with the prefix ‘ethereal’ are manned by volunteer actors.  These actors improvise as their given personality with the intention of inciting public discourse.  This is happening as a part of the project themed war,dada,data.

W3rkH0f media arts is seeking participants, volunteering to play one of the twits is a commitment to (anonymously) man a twitter account over the course of the weekend of March 5 (2016).

We are still looking for actors to portray the following twits:

eTheReal HillaryClinton
eTheReal ArnoldSchwarzenegger
eTheReal ChristineLagarde
eTheReal ClintEastwood
eTheReal MartinShkreli
eTheReal YanisVeroufakis
eTheReal KevinSwanson
eTheReal GeorgeWBush
eTheReal MarionMaréchal-LePen

Please contact us indicating which character (alter-ego) you would like to play, or your own suggestion of character.
more to follow… stay tuned.

if you know someone who would make a good twit and has time to participate: forward them this mail!

looking forward to working with you,
jana° and kent